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Added software.txt file and removed old test versions

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This folder contains all executables to test the processor and the SIMD (SPARROW) module.
Under the leon3 directory (future work migh include more base processors) the tests are organized as follows:
- leon3_tests: Default systest for the leon3 provided by Gaisler.
Also included a basic "Hello World" test.
- module_tests: Different set of tests that validate the correctness of the new SIMD instructions
Include a test for the mask, swizzling and immediate loading. Aside from the generic test.
Some of this test may require a sw update to include the newer hw and compiler options.
- matrix_multiplication: Two sets of tests are included, for matrix multiplication and polynomial computation.
Tests ending with "_simd" are using the SPARROW module and new instructions while the other tests use the default LEON3 proc.
Some tests might include different optimization version (polynomial) which allows for compiler optimization.
Additionally scalar version tests with "_sat" simulate saturation using minimum and maximum.
Specific size matrices (eg. "mat_mul_simd32") are outdated and should not be used, use the default version with -s option.
- image_manipulation: Two sets of tests, grayscale image conversion, and filter image with an edge detection filter for grayscale images.
Header files include image input for different sizes, only supported sizes are (4,8,16,32,256)
Printed results can be copied to a file and viewed using Okular. (eg. okular tst.php)
- cifar: Contains cifar-10 inference application from GPU4SPACE project. Only resulting srec files are available.
To load this tests in the simulation just execute from the design directory (eg. leon3-minmal) ./mymake testname [-s size] [-p <in|out|all>]
The Makefile loads the srec file into the test.file in the top design directory which will be read by the testbench.
-s: Set the size of the test, default 4
-p: Print input/output of the test, default none
in -> prints input in random generated input tests (matrix multiplication, polynomial)
out-> prints output
all-> prints both input and output
This flags are only applied to matrix_multiplication and image_manipulation tests.
For FPGA tests the only working design (tested) is the leon3-xilinx-zcu102. After loading the bitfile connect with grmon and pass the executable using the load command. The executable will be find in the test directory if it has been compiled previousle (using mymake or manually).
Use ./mymake clean to clean all test directory
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