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added v0.0.1 (original-no-cache)

parent e6676e12
if [ -z "$2" ]
then export par1=4
else export par1=$2
cd ../../software/marcmod/leon3/ && make $1 && cd - > /dev/null
Versions directory containing the binary files and experiment results for each leon3-minimal version. Below each version characteristics are explained.
testbench.caos executable works in caos gw and caos17 machines
testbench executable works in my personal Arch (GLIBC_2.33)
- v0.0: Baseline leon3
- v0.0.1: Same as v0.0.1 with no I/D cache
- v1.0: First version of a working SIMD module integrated in the leon3 with timing constrains of 10ns met.
Two stages in the module being the second reduction operatins.
All operatins take one cycle.
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