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# GRLIB AI extension
# Xilinx Open Hardware - Hardware-Software Co-design forLow-cost AI processing in SpaceProcessors
## Project description
In this project, wich corresponds to my master's thesis I will modify the LEON3 and NOEL-V processors to have additional AI processing. The first modification implemented is the addition of a SIMD module with support for extra instructions such as saturated ones. The module is currently implemented in the LEON3 and soon will be in the NOEL-V.
This project started as part of my master course Processor Design, later it was extended as my master thesis. With this project I compete in the Xilinx Open Hardware competition in the student category. For the project I have modified the LEON3 space processor and have included a SIMD module with features targeting acceleration in artificail intelligence applications.
The SIMD module, operates over the integer unit registers (SIMD within a register, aka SWAR) and has two stages. In the first stage both input operands are operated against each other at byte granularity, the result is passed to the second stage where reduction operations are implemented. Additionally a mask vector can restrict the bytes to be computed in the first stage and swizzling option is included.
The SPARC cross-compiler is also included with support for SIMD instructions in assembly.
A previous version of this work was presented in the OBDP 2021 workshop organized by the European Space Agency. The paper presented in the talk is included in the repository.
## File organization
In the current repository only a subset of the provided designs in the GRLIB are included, the recomended to use for simulation is the **leon3-minimal** (GRLIB/designs/leon3-minimal).
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