Commit 76a2b6dc authored by Jonnatan Mendoza Escobar's avatar Jonnatan Mendoza Escobar
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Organize paths

parent 7a8e7b04
TEROSHDL_DOC ?= /opt/colibri/bin/teroshdl-hdl-documenter
VTREE ?= /bin/vtree
CURRENT_PATH = $(shell pwd)
LOCAL_SRC_FOLDER = $(shell pwd)/src
DOC_FOLDER = $(shell pwd)/doc
MODULES_LIST ?= $(shell $(VTREE) get_modules $(LOCAL_SRC_FOLDER))
define mtree_func define mtree_func
$(VTREE) mtree $(LIB_ROOT_PATH) $(1) -v 1; $(VTREE) mtree $(LIB_ROOT_PATH) $(1) -v 1;
endef endef
...@@ -23,6 +15,7 @@ docs: ...@@ -23,6 +15,7 @@ docs:
mtree: mtree:
@($(call print_src,"LIB_PATH: "$(LIB_ROOT_PATH))) @($(call print_src,"LIB_PATH: "$(LIB_ROOT_PATH)))
@($(call print_src,"LIB_PATH: "$(VTREE)))
@($(foreach TOP_MODULE,$(MODULES_LIST), $(call mtree_func,$(TOP_MODULE)))) @($(foreach TOP_MODULE,$(MODULES_LIST), $(call mtree_func,$(TOP_MODULE))))
minsts: minsts:
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