Commit 6d675fa5 authored by José Mª. Fernández's avatar José Mª. Fernández
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Forgot to add Manifest

parent c7c7deb8
EBUILD skype-dbus-mock-9999.ebuild 736 BLAKE2B fb693bcbdc98efe9d08cdcee124d7b7ebef4bb088a56dd9c0380f967d0ffb1daf2488824cee0443b5d9cfb9259fb602367114f1ef9586b213dfaf10d109ec62a SHA512 ff03210a3aff00cc9ea96450b63510077fdfe85a2b1a14bf1ab47e48164bc95f7eccb2e4ad4cb4cb193d7443eb15eefba3fb8092855ec778bd82f2f959fd511c
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