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This library is very useful if you need to execute gazeteers lookup and JAPE rules in batch mode, inside a Nextflow pipeline for example.
## For clone this component
git clone --depth 1 nlp-gate-generic-component
cd nlp-gate-generic-component
git filter-branch --prune-empty --subdirectory-filter nlp-gate-generic-component HEAD
## Build and Run the Docker
# To build the docker, just go into the ades-tagger folder and execute
# To build the docker, just go into the nlp-gate-generic-component folder and execute
docker build -t nlp-gate-generic-component .
#To run the docker, just set the input_folder and the output
mkdir ${PWD}/output_folder; docker run --rm -u $UID -v ${PWD}/input_folder:/in:ro -v ${PWD}/output_folder:/out:rw nlp-gate-generic-component nlp-gate-generic-component -i /in -o /out -a ANNOTATION_SET -l in/dictionaries/lists.def -j in/jape_rules/main.jape
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