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### Biotools Populous is a utility to push biotools data into a git repository.
The utility is based on modified version of [JGit]( libarary based on [NIO2]( API and
[Jimfs]( in-memory file system. It allows wirking with git repositories directly, without writing anything on a disk.
To get tools data, utility uses the Biotools REST API (
Generated files are in JSON format inferred from [biotoolsSchema 3.1](
>git clone
>cd biotools-git-populous
>mvn install
It will create **biotools-populous.jar** file in the **biotools-git-populous/target/** directory.
>java -jar biotools-populous.jar -g -u user -p password --path /biotools
* -h - help
* --git - git repository to push tools json files
* --branch - remote branch to push
* --path - remote path to put files
* --user - git user name
* --password - git user password
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