Commit 03739400 authored by Eva Martin del Pico's avatar Eva Martin del Pico
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diagram upddated

parent e6b12c30
......@@ -18,39 +18,51 @@ flowchart TB
style alambique fill:#ffff,stroke:#000000,stroke-width:1px
subgraph "Data Importation";
galaxy/["fa:fa-cog GalaxyToolshed repositories <br> metadata importer"] --> galaxy_metadata.json["Tooshed repositories metadata (JSON)"]
click galaxy/ "" _blank
galaxy_metadata.json["GalaxyTooshed repositories <br> metadata (JSON)"] --> toolshed/["fa:fa-cog GalaxyTooshed <br> tools importer"]
style galaxy_metadata.json fill:#ffff, stroke:#111111, stroke-width:1px
click toolshed/ "" _blank
subgraph A["Toolshed importer"];
reposFetcher["fa:fa-cog GalaxyToolshed repositories <br> metadata importer"] --> galaxy_metadata.json["Toolshed repositories metadata (JSON)"]
click reposFetcher "" _blank
galaxy_metadata.json--> toolshedConfigImporter["fa:fa-cog Repositories Config<br> metadata extractor"]
galaxy_metadata.json--> toolshedRepoMetaImporter["fa:fa-cog Repositories Metadata<br> metadata extractor"]
style galaxy_metadata.json fill:#ffff, stroke:#111111, stroke-width:1px
click A "" _blank
bioconductor/["fa:fa-cog Bioconductor importer"]
click bioconductor/ "" _blank
bioconda_biotools["fa:fa-cog Bioconda and importer"]
bioconda_biotools["fa:fa-cog Bioconda, GalaxyEU and importer"]
click bioconda_biotools "" _blank
sourceforge["fa:fa-cog Sourceforge importer"]
click sourceforge "" _blank
bioconda_recipes["fa:fa-cog Bioconda importer"]
config_opeb["config"] -.->opeb_metrics/["fa:fa-cog OEB Importer"]
click config_opeb "" _blank
click opeb_metrics/ "" _blank
style config_opeb fill:#ffff,stroke:#000000,stroke-width:1px,stroke-dasharray: 5 5
repo_config[config]-.->repo_importer["fa:fa-cog GitHub and <br> Bitbucket enricher"]
style repo_config fill:#ffff,stroke:#000000,stroke-width:1px,stroke-dasharray: 5 5
repo_importer -->alambique;
toolshed/ --> alambique;
toolshedRepoMetaImporter --> alambique;
toolshedConfigImporter --> alambique;
sourceforge --> alambique;
bioconda_recipes["fa:fa-cog Bioconda importer"] --> alambique;
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