Commit be6b3199 authored by mponce's avatar mponce
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Adding noise time step to TNF example

parent 01e383e6
......@@ -135,7 +135,15 @@ void tnf_bm_interface_main(Cell* pCell, Phenotype& phenotype, double dt)
update_boolean_model_inputs(pCell, phenotype, dt );
// Run maboss to update the boolean state of the cell
MaBoSSIntracellular* physiboss = static_cast<MaBoSSIntracellular*> (pCell->phenotype.intracellular);
double noise = NormalRandom(0, 2.5);
noise = max(-5, noise);
noise = min(5, noise);
physiboss->next_physiboss_run += noise;
// update the cell fate based on the boolean outputs
update_cell_from_boolean_model(pCell, phenotype, dt);
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