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1. A help script named `` is given in the root directory and to submit to SLURM, execute `$ sbatch`. As in the previous example, 2 MPI processes with 24 threads each are spawned to execute 3DtumorX.
1. After the execution, there will be multiple .mat files created in the root directory. These .mat files can be plotted using the Python script in the `./matlab/` directory to have a 2D plot of the 3Dal microenvironment.
1. The `` script needs two arguments: the name of the mat file and the value of the cut in the z axis that is to be plotted. Note: The z value chosen need to be a value in the range of the example simulated, so you need to be knowledgeable of the range of values in the z dimension in the mat file. For instance, for the above example, z will have a range of [0.025, 3.975] with increments of 0.05.
1. The script can be run with: `python "filename.mat" z_cut`
1. The PNG generated is named using both arguments "filename_z_cut.png"
1. The script can be run with: `python "filename.mat" z_cut`.
1. The PNG generated is named using both arguments "filename_z_cut.png"
# Original BioFVM README file
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