Commit 68ef570a authored by Eudald Sabaté Creixell's avatar Eudald Sabaté Creixell
Browse files now uses rsync to exclude files from java model

parent 88c35d2b
......@@ -43,7 +43,8 @@ sed -i "s/HOST=.*/HOST=${LOGICMODULE_HOST}/g" cfgfiles/ &
# echo "Also installing java stubs in local maven repo"
rm -rf stubs/es/
echo "Getting stubs from dataClay with $USER $PASS $NAMESPACE_JAVA $STUBSPATH"
rsync -avr -e ssh --exclude 'es/' ${MASTER_USER}@${LOGICMODULE_HOST}:${PATH_TO_STUBS_MASTER}/stubs .
# java -cp dataclay/dataclay.jar es.bsc.dataclay.tool.GetStubs $USER $PASS $NAMESPACE_JAVA $STUBSPATH
# jar cvf stubs.jar -C stubs .
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