Commit 1809da89 authored by Rita Sousa's avatar Rita Sousa

Updated and fixed minor bug.

parent 0666bc4b
......@@ -19,5 +19,12 @@ Assuming that the dataClay model has already been started and registered, the st
The master branch has the code to run on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier.
If you need to run NFRTool on an Intel machine, before running the demo (previous snippet), switch to the "machine_x86" branch:
git checkout machine_x86
# Acknowledgements
This work has been supported by the EU H2020 project ELASTIC, contract #825473.
......@@ -79,6 +79,11 @@ public class DataclayWritingManager implements Runnable {
float meanCpuUsage = sumCpuUsage / lengthHistory;
float meanPowerUsage = sumPowerUsage / lengthHistory;
if(Float.isNaN(meanCpuUsage) || Float.isNaN(meanPowerUsage)) {
System.out.println("!!WARNING!! NaN values!");
for (Worker w : workerList) {
if (w.getPid() == workerPid) {
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