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# NFRTool-Comms
This project contains the main software components NFRTool-Comms is comprised of:
* **Network Monitor**
* **Resource Manager**
## Network Monitor
The main network stats are retrieved from the system info and written to the corresponding CommunicationLink objects in dataClay:
* **Packet delay**
* Packet loss rate
* Data volume
where boldfaced items are already implemented and non-boldface items are still under dev.
## Resource Manager
The monitored network attributes are read from dataClay. With that information, application level thresholds are checked, and a communication cost function is applied on a per-worker basis.
# Installation
## Requirements
* Java JDK 11
* Apache Maven 3.6+
* dataClay ([](
## Installation steps
* `git clone`
* Run project as Maven install in order to generate the corresponding .jar
## Launch steps
* `cd <DATACLAY_PATH> && ./` in order to launch dataClay
* `cd <NFRTOOL-COMMS_PATH>/app/target && java -jar nfrtool.jar` in order to launch NFRTool-Comms
# Contributors
* dataClay has been developed by Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)
* NFRTool-Comms has been developed by IKERLAN (Member of the Basque Research & Technology Alliance)
# Support
* Please contact Jacobo Fanjul ( for support and troubleshooting
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