Commit bf50ad71 authored by dgasull's avatar dgasull

Added missing cfgfiles to allow client connection

parent 353838b6
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Configuration monitorInterval="60" status="off">
<Console name="ConsoleAppender" target="SYSTEM_OUT">
<PatternLayout pattern="%d{ISO8601} %p [%c] [%t] [%C{1}:%L] %m%n"></PatternLayout>
<Logger name="DataClay.api" level="off" />
<!-- Runtime -->
<Logger name="ClientRuntime" level="off" />
<Logger name="ClientManagementLib" level="off"/>
<Logger name="DataClayRuntime" level="off"/>
<Logger name="DataServiceRuntime" level="off"/>
<Logger name="DataClayObjectLoader" level="off"/>
<Logger name="DataClayObject" level="off" /> <!-- This is very verbose! -->
<!-- Data service -->
<Logger name="DataService" level="off"/>
<Logger name="ExecutionEnvironmentSrv" level="off"/>
<!-- Lockers -->
<Logger name="dataclay.util.classloaders.SyncClass" level="off"/>
<Logger name="dataclay.heap.LockerPool" level="off"/>
<Logger name="LockerPool" level="off"/>
<Logger name="dataclay.util.classloaders.ClassLockers" level="off"/>
<!-- Garbage collection -->
<Logger name="GlobalGC" level="off"/>
<Logger name="heap.HeapManager" level="off"/>
<Logger name="ReferenceCounting" level="off"/>
<Logger name="StorageLocation" level="off"/>
<!-- Logic module -->
<Logger name="LogicModule" level="off"/>
<Logger name="LMDB" level="off"/>
<Logger name="managers" level="off" />
<Logger name="MetaDataService.db" level="off" />
<Logger name="MetaDataService" level="off" />
<!-- Communication -->
<Logger name="io.grpc" level="off"/>
<Logger name="io.netty" level="off"/>
<Logger name="NettyClientHandler" level="off"/>
<Logger name="grpc.client" level="off"/>
<Logger name="communication.LogicModule.service" level="off"/>
<Logger name="grpc.client.logicmodule" level="off"/>
<Logger name="grpc.client.dataservice.DS1" level="off"/>
<!-- Databases -->
<Logger name="dataclay.dbhandler" level="off"/>
<Logger name="dbhandler.PostgresConnection" level="off" />
<Logger name="org.apache.commons.dbcp2" level="off"/>
<Logger name="PostgresHandler" level="off"/>
<Logger name="SQLHandler" level="off"/>
<!-- Misc -->
<Logger name="util" level="off" />
<Logger name="exceptions" level="off"/>
<Logger name="Paraver" level="off"/>
<Logger name="DataClaySerializationLib" level="off"/>
<Logger name="DataClayDeserializationLib" level="off"/>
<!-- ROOT LOGGER -->
<Root level="off">
<AppenderRef ref="ConsoleAppender" />
......@@ -19,9 +19,9 @@ docker-compose up -d
# wait for dataClay to be alive
docker run --network=dataclay_default -v $PWD/app/cfgfiles/:/home/dataclayusr/dataclay/cfgfiles/:ro \
docker run --network=dataclay_default -v $PWD/cfgfiles/:/home/dataclayusr/dataclay/cfgfiles/:ro \
bscdataclay/client:2.1 WaitForDataClayToBeAlive 10 5
printMsg "dataClay successfully started!"
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ pushd $SCRIPTDIR/dataclay
# objects created are flushed!!!
# IMPORTANT: First we should stop all python services, always in the following order 1.python - - 3.logicmodule
for SERVICE in $(docker-compose ps --all --services | grep python)
for SERVICE in $(docker-compose ps --services | grep python)
STARTTIME=$(date +%s)
docker-compose stop $SERVICE
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ do
echo "$SERVICE stopped in $(($ENDTIME - $STARTTIME)) seconds"
# IMPORTANT: Now all java services
for SERVICE in $(docker-compose ps --all --services | grep java)
for SERVICE in $(docker-compose ps --services | grep java)
STARTTIME=$(date +%s)
docker-compose stop $SERVICE
......@@ -45,4 +45,4 @@ ENDTIME=$(date +%s)
echo "logicmodule stopped in $(($ENDTIME - $STARTTIME)) seconds"
printMsg "dataClay successfully stopped!"
\ No newline at end of file
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