Commit 7845dd4a authored by dgasull's avatar dgasull

Released new elastic-dataClay 1.4 + Changed demos accordingly

parent 08bcbcf3
FROM bscdataclay/client:2.4
FROM bscdataclay/
LABEL maintainer dataClay team <>
# Prepare environment
......@@ -12,11 +12,15 @@ function printMsg {
printMsg "Get stubs"
rm -rf $PWD/stubs
mkdir -p $PWD/stubs/
ID=$(docker create dataclay-elastic-model)
docker cp $ID:/elastic/stubs $PWD
docker rm $ID
docker run --rm --network=dataclay_default \
-v $PWD/cfgfiles/:/home/dataclayusr/dataclay/cfgfiles/:ro \
-v $PWD/stubs:/elastic/stubs:rw \
bscdataclay/ GetStubs ${USER} ${PASS} ${NAMESPACE} ${STUBSPATH}
echo "$blu
Stubs stored at $PWD/stubs/ directory
......@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ docker-compose up -d
# wait for dataClay to be alive
docker run --network=dataclay_default -v $PWD/cfgfiles/:/home/dataclayusr/dataclay/cfgfiles/:ro \
bscdataclay/client:2.4 WaitForDataClayToBeAlive 10 5
docker run --rm --network=dataclay_default -v $PWD/cfgfiles/:/home/dataclayusr/dataclay/cfgfiles/:ro \
bscdataclay/ WaitForDataClayToBeAlive 10 5
printMsg "dataClay successfully started!"
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