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      Patch docker-compose timing issues in export/rules-engine (#1550) · b160daec
      Trevor Conn authored
      Fix #1544
      The primary issue is observed when one runs "docker-compose up" after
      pruning local docker volumes.
      The following problematic symptoms have been observed. The requisite
      code changes in this PR are enumerated below. I hesitate to properly
      call this a "fix" because I think more analysis is warranted for a long
      term solution. However for the purpose of stabilizing the release, this
      should suffice.
      - Observed that population of configuration data in Consul and
        subsequent creation of DBs/Collections and credentials in Mongo were
        delayed when creating volumes for the first time. This lead to timing
        issues in the following areas
      - I observed conditions where the Config-Seed was populating Consul for
        a given service at the same time that that service's configuration was
        being read into Consul by the config-seed. Thus services would come
        up and read their configuration from Consul when that config was only
        partially populated. In Delhi this would not be a problem because the
        listenForConfigChanges() function would listen for a change anywhere
        in the service's config in Consul. This would cause the entirety of
        the ConfigurationStruct to be populated when the last key was written.
        In Edinburgh, we only listen for changes to the "Writable" section,
        which is written first.
        -- This is why initializeConfiguration() has been modified to look at
           the last value of the service's configuration within Consul to see
           if it has been populated. If it is not, then we throw an error --
           forcing a retry one second later. If it is populated, the whole
           config has been written to Consul and we can proceed.
      - All services write logging information when they are bootstrapping.
        If the service is configured to log remotely, those calls go to
        support-logging. Because of the observed latency (up to 5 seconds) in
        populating configuration and Mongo with new volumes, any service trying
        to send its startup messages to support-logging would throw an error.
        This lead to many, mnay errors in the starup process. Once support-
        logging came up, the remote logging would work. Understand that every
        service must receive its configuration information from Consul and,
        where applicable, establish DB connectivity before it activates its
        API handlers. If a service calls support-logging (or any other service)
        before the API is enabled, the caller will receive a "connection re-
        -- This was also mitigated by the code change above.
      - In the case where a service is delayed in its startup, it will not
        register its endpoint with Consul. Export-client does not require a
        database connection and so it will come up before export-distro. It
        was observed that the rules-engine registers with export-client in
        order to receive events. As a result of that, export-client attempts
        to POST a notification to export-distro. Because export-distro had not
        registered itself with Consul at the time export-client was being
        configured, the endpoint information would be blank, leading to an
        error like this (some fields omitted):
          level=ERROR app=edgex-export-client source=registration.go:310
          msg="error from distro: Put http://:0/api/v1/notify/registrations
               dial tcp :0: connect: connection refused"
        Notice the the host and port.
        -- The code change to address this can be found in
        -- This only works due to the non-HA mode in which we deploy from
           docker-compose. Right now, what's in the docker configuration is
           always the same as what is (or will be) in Consul.
        -- Note also that there is a circular dependency between distro/client
           w/r/t how they call each other. Because the result of a notification
           sent to distro in the above case is that distro simply calls back
           to export-client.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarTrevor Conn <trevor_conn@dell.com>
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      Merge pull request #1562 from mhall119/edinburgh · da634528
      Jim White authored
      Removes ./docs/ folder which now resides in the edgex-docs repo
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    • Ian Johnson's avatar
      snap/hooks/install: disable sec-api-gateway on arm64 · fd102ad9
      Ian Johnson authored
      See https://github.com/edgexfoundry/blackbox-testing/issues/185
       for more
      details, but basically Kong isn't meant to work properly on arm64 until
      it is updated to use OpenResty 1.15 so until that point we just always
      disable the security-api-gateway services on arm64 in the install hook.
      Note that due to another snapd bug where all services are restarted on 
      refresh, we also need to implement a workaround in the kong service 
      itself because it will be started up on refresh and we still don't want
      kong to really run on arm64 even in the event it is erroneously started.
      Returning from the kong-daemon.sh script like this will result in 
      systemd initially assuming that the process started and proceeding to 
      start other dependent services, but shortly thereafter realizing there
      are not children processes and thus marking the service as "inactive".
      Signed-off-by: default avatarIan Johnson <ian.johnson@canonical.com>
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      snap/many: update kong to 1.0.3 · 52e458af
      Ian Johnson authored
      * Upgrade to Kong 1.0.3
      * Use `kong migrations bootstrap` instead of `kong migrations up`
      * Remove lua and luarocks parts and use the bionic ubuntu archive pkgs
        lua5.1 and luarocks instead
      * Remove kong build dependency on openresty part as they no longer need
        to be built after each other
      * Build kong inside $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL
      * Upgrade to OpenResty and build with kong's patches
      * Replace hard-coded location of nginx in "resty" binary from OpenResty
        to use /snap/edgexfoundry/current based path instead of
      * Fix the nginx and openresty symlinks inside openresty's
        $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/bin dir to be relative instead of absolute
      * Use dpkg --print-architecture instead of uname -m for better
        compatibility when cross compiling
      * Add layout for /etc/luarocks to view into $SNAP/etc/luarocks using a
        bind mount such that luarocks doesn't trigger AppArmor denials every
        time it starts up via kong. This path is supposedly configurable with
        a build time flag but I haven't been able to figure out which flag is
        to be used for this.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarIan Johnson <ian.johnson@canonical.com>
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