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add questa ci script

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......@@ -2,4 +2,5 @@ junk
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ rm -f $LOG
# Go to target folder
cd ../tb/questa_sim/ || exit 1
# Declare folders of tests to be executed
declare -a StringArray=("tb_axi_pmu/" "tb_pmu_ahb/" "tb_pmu_raw/")
declare -a StringArray=("tb_axi_pmu/" "tb_pmu_ahb/" "tb_pmu_raw/" "tb_com_tr/" "tb_hamming16td11/" "tb_hamming32td26/" "tb_reg_sbf/")
# Iterate the string array using for loop
for val in ${StringArray[@]}; do
mv /AXI_PMU /tmp
mv /AXI_PMU /tmp 2>/dev/null
vlib AXI_PMU
vmap work $PWD/AXI_PMU
vlog +acc=rn +incdir+$TOP/hdl/ $TOP/hdl/*.sv $TOP/submodules/MCCU/hdl/* $TOP/submodules/RDC/hdl/*.sv ./fifos/hdl/sync_fifo.v ./axi_test_master/hdl/axi_test_master.v ./colors.vh
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