Commit 3a7580aa authored by Guillem's avatar Guillem
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Bug fix assigmen configuration registers

parent e7386a3b
......@@ -226,8 +226,12 @@
assign quota_softrst_i = regs_i [BASE_CFG][4];
// Register never set by PMU, only written by master
assign regs_o[BASE_CFG:END_CFG] = regs_i[BASE_CFG:END_CFG];
genvar y;
for(y=BASE_CFG;y<=END_CFG;y++) begin
assign regs_o[y] = regs_i[y];
//---- Counter registers
genvar x;
......@@ -319,7 +323,6 @@ end
.softrst_i (overflow_softrst_i),
.en_i (overflow_en_i),
.counter_regs_i (counter_regs_o),
.over_intr_mask_i (overflow_intr_mask_i[0][N_COUNTERS-1:0]),
.intr_overflow_o (intr_overflow_o),
.over_intr_vect_o (overflow_intr_vect_o[0][N_COUNTERS-1:0])
......@@ -415,7 +418,6 @@ end
.events_i (MCCU_events_int),
.quota_i (regs_i[BASE_MCCU_LIMITS:END_MCCU_LIMITS]),//One register per core
.update_quota_i (MCCU_update_quota_int),//Software map
//.quota_o (regs_o[BASE_MCCU_QUOTA:END_MCCU_QUOTA]),//write back to a read register
.quota_o (regs_o[BASE_MCCU_QUOTA:END_MCCU_QUOTA]),//write back to a read register
.events_weights_i (MCCU_events_weights_int),//core_events times WEIGHTS_WIDTH registers
.interruption_quota_o (MCCU_intr_up)//N_CORES output signals Add this to top or single toplevel interrupt and an interrupt vector that identifies the source?
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